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So why the new labels?

So why are the labels on Smith Co candles changing after all this time?

There’s a few reasons! The first one is that the black Dymo labels were always just a placeholder. I wanted to have a really unique label that stands out from other candles and so it took a few years to decide what to do.

While I’ve actually quite liked the DYMO look, it is made of plastic and so it doesn’t fit with our values as we look to be 100% plastic free this year (more on that soon!). Also, it is very labour intensive to produce each label! I’ve made hundreds of candles and am really looking forward to never having to click that label maker again.

I’m so thrilled that my friend Hannah Farthing who is a brilliant artist in Suffolk was as excited as me about taking on this project! It’s a big investment and quite daunting after 2 successful years with the old style, but the level of detail and beauty that Hannah is putting into each design is well worth it.