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The Smith & Co Under £20 Gift Guide

Here’s my roundup of all of the good stuff you can purchase from the website for under £20! Perfect for secret santa presents, stocking stuffers, table gifts or just something small, the under £20 gift is one of my faves!

The first item is the box of Winter tealights. A great Christmas candle gift for the people in your life who prefer a tealight! They are all made by me from soy wax and are very limited. They should burn around 4hrs each- with a total burn time of 24hrs.

A box of 6 tealights in a Christmas scent

6 Tealights

Next, is a bag of 6 wax melts in any scent. I always recommend that you cut these melts in half as they are massive! That way, it’s kind of like buying 12 and they last for 12 tealights then as well. This means you could have up to 50 hours of wax melt burn time with one bag. Available in one scent or as a mixed bag, if you’d like to order mixed, just pop a note on your order telling me which scents you would like!

A bag of six soy wax melts

Bag of Wax Melts

Then of course, you have candle options in mini or medium. The mini size is 60ml and costs £12. It should burn for 20 hours with proper candle care and is available in every scent! Medium candles are £17 and double the size at 120ml offering a big increase in burn time for only £5! These are a great gift, handmade with a beautiful illustrated label in all of my 10 signature scents.

A Christmas scented winter candle in medium size

The full candle collection is here, simply select your fragrance and then add the size you would like to the cart!

Finally, the match box collection from Archivist is the perfect addition to a candle gift or lovely just on their own for the mantle or coffee table. Available in a range of Christmas/festive designs as well as my usual favourites, these are all listed in the matches collection. For Black Friday weekend only, take £2 off the price of a square match box when you spend over £20!

Christmas matches in a variety of designs.

The matches collection with a little Black Friday discount this weekend only!

Happy Shopping!