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Why I’m giving up on Resolutions this year…

It goes against nature to set goals in the middle of Winter. Controversial, I know! And I am definitely a huge believer in goal setting, but the new year happens to fall in the middle of Winter and it is the time to cosy in. Eat more bowl foods, plan the garden, connect with the children, read by the log fire, clean and declutter, and generally be ok with hibernating. 

This year, I have entered 2024 along with the third trimester of pregnancy and hibernation feels really good! The first week of this new year has been quiet and slow, a wonderful exploration of the cold outdoors plus lots of baked goods and roasted veggies. I won’t knock your resolutions but this year, I have put zero pressure on myself to set them!

As a family, our intentions include less screen time and more outdoors time. More water and more fruit and veg. More tidying up and declutterring and we’ve got a few investments planned for the garden this year. More gentleness, more kindness, more peace. I think after 35 years, I’ve finally realised that life is just a messy beautiful work in progress and setting goals, intentions, resolutions or whatever else you might call them, can happen at any time of the year. Positive changes are always something to celebrate and if you’re feeling a little late to the party, I’m here to tell you that you can let go of that pressure! Think about what you’d like to achieve this week, this month, and don’t worry that the first week of January has passed by. You’ve got this!

I have got a few plans for Smith & Co for 2024, one of which is well underway and I hope you’ll get to enjoy it well before this second baby arrives. Have you got big hopes for 2024? Or are you enjoying a winter hibernation this year?